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Bumper Jumper

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Sometimes I reflect on the perks of working for Animal Outfitters and a favourite of mine is sampling new product designs. Being prototypes, I get to keep them too! Moving into winter my coat collection alone would make Victoria Beckham envious. But forget me for one moment, let's talk about my dog jumpers which are equally special. Here's why:

  • Comfort: with its innovative design the jumper isn't as bulky as a traditional dog coat, so it's almost like a pair of pyjamas. Perfect for slobbing out on my bed, the sofa, or the floor. Sometimes I wear it all day - we all love a lazy pyjama day.
  • Warmth: the garment fits over my head and back under my chest, providing softness and warmth for my undercarriage. Great in the cold and through the night.
  • Dome fasteners: it's secured using some rather smart poppers, with a fit range to cater for both my fat and thin days. I once had a coat secured with velcro but it got tatty and sometimes my hair got stuck, ouch.
  • Fabric choice: I can choose a jumper made from beautiful merino or from polar fleece, and a selection of gorgeous colours.
  • Stylish: the jumpers have pop-up collars. I wear my collar up as I think I'm too-cool-for-school (though I don't think the other dogs necessarily agree.)
  • Exclusivity: because the design is Animal Outfitters exclusive and not mass market, well, every dog likes to feel a bit different don't they?!

These jumpers are proving very popular. How do I know? Because I just heard a policeman shout to a speeding motorist, "Pullover."

Take a look at the jumper collection, you'll notice the difference. Return to blog

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