Housing crisis

I've been reflecting on the housing crisis thingy lately. No wonder everyone's stressing about it, the market has gone nuts. It seems you have to be a royal corgi or a pedigree to afford your own place. Which counts me in at least. Yep, I've got my own dog house, and better still, it's mortgage-free.

The plan is to cash up and move to the regions where I can get a bigger section and chase keep some free range chickens. My super-smart Jack Russell friend reckons an auction is the way to go so I've prepared an advert:

Canine Townhousersz auction

This stylish urban sanctuary has been designed for the discerning dog. With easy open plan flow leading out to wonderful low level decking, it's an entertainer's dream. Sure, you couldn't swing a cat but that's the last thing on most dogs' minds.

Features include:

- detached, self-contained unit
- doubles up as sleep-out
- great indoor / outdoor flow
- integrated dog door
- gable roof & vintage weatherboard finish
- readily transportable

What's driving the price hike? The papers suggest foreign investment may be a factor. I'm no economist but I've already received cash offers from both a French bulldog and a German shepherd so they could be right.

I don't understand why everyone is running around desperately trying to get "on the ladder" when they should really just focus on finding a house. Not that I'm worried. I'm already own my place and for once it's actually good to be in the dog house.

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