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Moving blues

rioboxesmergedWe moved house last week. Rather, my owners moved and dragged me along. Everyone seems to express pity for my owners - "oh, you must be stressed", "anything we can do to help?" etc. Well spare a thought for us pets. It's hardly a walk in the park for us, not that I even know where the park is anymore.

It started a month ago. Just the odd box to begin with, but then the boxes multiplied and slowly got filled. Being a creature of habit I was suspicious right away and did my best to interfere but to no avail. I'd spent literally thousands of hours guarding my old borders. And for what, who's securing the perimeter now? For all I know Postman Pat and his black and white cat could be strutting up the driveway unchallenged.

The new place is ok. I'm slowly getting my bearings - food bowl here, ball thrower there. Finally my people are giving me the freedom to explore alone rather than follow me everywhere to make sure I don't stray. The neighbours on all sides have dogs so I've been practising my big tough look. Perhaps I'll pop over to borrow some sugar and leave my mark. Establishing myself on top of the pecking order will be challenging but I'm happy to put in the "groundwork" so to speak.

Best of all, I got a housewarming present, a beautiful brand new dog bed. Moving is very tiring, don't forget. The great thing about my new dog bed is the choice of inner - foam mattress, foam chips, or bean bag. Being an A-lister I get to try all three. I know my favourite but won't let my owners know right away - small revenge for the inconvenience of the last few weeks.


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