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Oscar the dog

oscarSadly, the folk at the Academy Awards don't permit an animal to win an oscar. Harsh? Hell yes!! Us dogs have limited attention spans, and there are all kinds of distractions on set. Over the years, there have been some classic hollywood pet performances, surely deserving of an oscar. The sight of a dappa dog strutting onto the stage to collect their award, wearing a designer dog collar, bandana and coat, would complete the night. Anyway, here are a couple of my favourites.


Who can forget Hooch, the charismatic drooling French mastiff who gave Tom Hanks a proper run for his money in "Turner & Hooch." In this clip Hooch decides the muffin on offer isn't to his taste.


Puffy, the plucky border terrier that stole the show in "There's Something About Mary" (the real dog was named Slammer.) Producer Charles Wessler was quick to explain that fake dogs were used but that Slammer did the body-cast scene herself, custom-fitted in a three-piece, cloth-lined suit. Slammer was in the immobilizing costume for 10 seconds to get the shot. "Amazing", he said.

Click to see Puffy greet Ben Stiller

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