Ticket to ride

travel blanket in carApart from tennis balls, beaches, chicken and cats, not much gets me excited. But I totally dig my travel blanket, very cool. My own patch of real estate that comes with me just about everywhere. 

Previously if we went away, my options for a bit of rest on the move were worse than a trip to the vet. It was either an old towel, or the softest bit of carpet I could find...even then, I'd get moved along if visiting anyone fussy. Now I have a little bit of luxury to call my own, a supersoft micro-fleece blanket.

Watching them pack a suitcase used to stress me out, but nowadays I mostly get to come along as well. With a quick fold and roll, the blanket is packed and ready to go quicker than I can bark "ROAD-TRIP!". My people waffle on about the blanket's versatility. Complex words like that are wasted on me but I think it's about keeping my bum warm and dry, and that the blanket can be machine-washed. They certainly don't seem bothered when I trample all over it with dirty paws.

The long weekend approaches, wonder where we'll go. One thing is certain, my blanket will be coming along for the ride.

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