Grooming products for dogs

shaking wet dog750Most dog owners understand the importance of keeping a dog clean and well groomed - it's not just critical for the dog's well being, but we get to enjoy the knock-on benefits when cuddling up too.

We're proud to now offer customers a range of grooming goodies from Pampered Pooch. Here are some reasons why we're excited about stocking this brand:

  • The range is carefully formulated for optimal balance between natural and functional ingredients
  • With all these natural ingredients it's little wonder the range smell divine. Among others there are notes of lemongrass and sandalwood
  • Pampered pooch have scientific expertise in developing natural dog grooming products for dogs, and first hand experience of dogs with sensitive skin
  • The Pampered pooch team are passionate about what they do, and make all of their range in New Zealand
tickProducts DO contain natural extracts such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Calendula which nourish and protect your pet's skin and coat.
crossProducts DO NOT contain ingredients which could harm or irritate your dog e.g. parabens, silicons, artificial colours, phenoxyethanol, sodium/ammonium lauryl sulfate.

Shop the RangeThe range includes natural shampoos, paw balms, and a handy spritzer to neutralise doggie odours between bathtimes. Sensitive skin formulas are also available to cater for dogs requiring that extra gentle touch.

We've tested the range on our own dog and whilst he still shows no enthusiasm for bath-time we love the end result: a clean, healthy hound who smells simply gorgeous for days afterwards. After all, no-one likes a dirty dog.

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