Dog tired


The nights are closing in fast now that daylight savings has ended. So it's a perfect time to consider some cosy, warm bedding for your dog or cat.

When we designed our pet bed range we decided to tackle head-on some of the frustrations we've faced ourselves. We’re really proud of our Rest Assured foam bed range and our dog Rio has been happily testing one for the last six months. A perk of his job, you could say. Here are six reasons we think our dog and cat beds are pretty special:

  1. Supportive foam inner: We use New Zealand made high-grade Dunlop foam mattress inners that won’t sink, lose their shape or fall apart.
  2. Pillow-top finish for extra softness: A plush layer of wadding is stitched into the top of the cover to add a little luxury.
  3. Beautiful upholstery style fabrics: No need to be ashamed of that gaudy pet bed anymore, our fabrics have been selected to complement stylish living spaces.
  4. Removable, machine-washable covers: Whilst your dog might love their special fragrance, you might not. An easy to clean cover was essential to our design, and we used domes instead of Velcro or zips to make cover removal easier.
  5. Waterproof mattress protection: Instead of covering the mattress in waterproof material, we opted to stitch a waterproof layer inside the top of the cover. Why? Completely covering the mattress with waterproof material stops air getting into the foam and becomes an ideal host for condensation, mould and odours. Yuck.
  6. Proudly designed and made in New Zealand

But the journey isn’t over. We’re testing new textiles now, and developing a bed specifically for cats, so follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with latest products.

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