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Fed up with wet smelly dog collars?

As a dog owner there are many special moments to enjoy. Dealing with wet soggy smelly collars and leashes isn't one of them.

Scenario one, it’s raining outside and dog needs a walk. Scenario two, it’s a hot day and dog needs a swim. Either way your dog collar and leash are going to get wet. You’ll need to dry the gear before using it again, during which time it will begin to smell, harden up, and possibly get mouldy. Mould spores degrade the collar’s fabric rendering it weaker and less appealing, not good when you rely on a collar’s strength to protect your dog. 

Buckles, D-rings and clips will go the same way too if made from nickel alloy (as with most cheap collars and leashes). Water causes them to rust, corrode and tarnish, with salt-water being particularly harsh. All this spells bad news for those expensive designer leather or fabric collars that you’ve purchased.

So how can you stop your dog collar smelling, and is there a better option for wet weather situations? Yes there is and it's called Biothane®.

What is Biothane?

Manufactured and trademarked in the US, Biothane is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Originally developed for the equestrian industry, strength and durability were central to its design making it an excellent choice for dog collars and leashes.

Why does it make great dog collars and leashes?

Here are six key reasons:

  • It's fully waterproof
  • It's lightweight but very strong
  • It rinses clean with warm water and soap
  • It will not mould or mildew
  • It will not absorb odours and smell
  • It has a similar look and texture to leather

biothane stack 400At Animal Outfitters we stock a variety of Biothane collars in gorgeous colours with matching leashes. Brass or stainless steel hardware is used across the range to provide a waterproof finish that looks fantastic too.

We always enjoy dressing our dog in his Sunday best leather and fabric collars but whenever it’s raining or he’s going for a swim Biothane is first choice. We love ours and we’re confident you will too - our 21 day money-back guarantee says so. All products ship with a certificate of authenticity from the US.

Shop the collection and get yourselves off to the beach.

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