Whatever the weather

blue waterproof collar leash 750No-one told Rio that schnauzers don't really like swimming. He’s often in the sea fetching sticks and balls, despite the challenges presented by those long droopy eyebrows. Amusing as it is, his collars just can’t handle it. They get water-logged, take forever to dry, and then stink. Saltwater is particularly unkind - colours fade, materials degrade, and leather dries out and cracks. The same applies to leashes.

So we’ve been hunting for a fully waterproof material to make collars and leashes suitable for all weather walking and swimming. Biothane® is a US-patented, coated polyester webbing that has the properties of leather in fully waterproof form. Here’s why Biothane is perfect for active dogs:

  • It's fully water-proof; it doesn't even feel damp after being exposed to water.
  • It can be rinsed clean of sand and dirt in seconds.
  • It won’t mould or mildew.
  • It won’t absorb odours.
  • It’s lightweight, supple and extremely strong.

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