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Have your say - Auckland local dog access survey

Balancing the needs of beach-goers and the dog walking community is a tough task for Auckland Council. I don’t envy them.

From today, the public will be able to have their say on dog access rules at certain beaches as part of the Shape Auckland initiative. If you take your dog to any of the listed beaches, you've got to take part.

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I have to say I find the current rules a little silly. I completely understand that people want to frolic at the beach in summer without stepping on dog do, or having their picnic devoured by a greedy dog. I don’t want that either. But the reality is that most week days, my local beach is empty. Once the school holidays are finished there is only a small handful of people on the beach in the middle of the day. It seems crazy that I can’t let my dog take a swim until 5pm.

Beaches are shared spaces for all residents to enjoy, so it’s important that we show respect for each other, and the beautiful landscape we inhabit. There is a small minority who ruin it by not picking up after their dog. Or worse allowing them run amok unchecked. They let us all down. And people who visit the beach and leave all their litter after a picnic let us all down too. Do we simply just keep creating more rules to limit what we can do? Or do we just need to learn to be a bit more considerate, responsible and tolerant?

The Local Dog Access survey was available until 22 March 2015. Keep an eye out for future opportunities to have your say and get involved! 

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