It's dog eat dog at RWC 2015


After a month of push and shove it's 20 down to two, and the New Zealand Huntaway will face off with the Australian Dingo for the title of top dog. It’s been a fascinating few weeks and no surprise to see the trans-tasman rivals show their pedigree and reach the final but there have certainly been some shocks along the way, good old David and Goliath encounters.

Who could forget how the tiny Japanese chin collared the mighty South African boerboel? The big brute tried to dominate but was brought crashing down by the nimble chin. And how about the gutsy Welsh sheepdog?! With dogged determination he rounded up and put a muzzle on the much-hyped English bull terrier with a famous late try. It got worse for the hosts, given a wild time by the Australian Dingo, and made to look more like corgis than terriers.

As for the rest of the pack, the Irish Wolfhound showed promise but suffered many injuries and spent too much time at the vet. Dogos Argentino made his nation proud and we can expect him to make his mark in years to come. And credit the brave Scottish Deerhound who came so close to a huge upset, spoilt right at the end when the dingo robbed the biscuit from under his nose.

And so the final. The New Zealand Huntaway took a while to wake up but when he did he cocked his leg all over the French bulldog and showed his class. The Dingo is an unpredictable beast and will fight to the bitter end but the Huntaway is currently top of the pecking order and that’s where I think he’ll stay. But it’ll be a heck of a dogfight.

JPN 34 RSA 32ballWAL 28 ENG 25

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