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This is where we select a breed of dog or cat, and reveal some quirky facts. Come back periodically and see if it's yours. Today, it's the...Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is just one of a few dogs truly "Made in America. The breed originated c1870, when Robert Hooper of Boston purchased a dog named Judge, of Bull and Terrier lineage. The offspring later interbred with French Bulldogs, providing the foundation for today's breed. He is the first wholly American dog breed recognised by the American Kennel Club, and since 1979 has been the official state dog of Massachusets.

The Good

boston terrier playing
  • Wonderfully friendly and sociable dog. Intelligent, loves human company, and pulls all manner of facial expressions making him quite the comedian
  • He'll want to go everywhere with you. This should go some way to satisfying his appetite for exercise
  • Sheds just a small amount of hair, and does not suffer from body odour, so only needs bathing every few weeks
  • A diligent watchdog, but will still eagerly greet visitors into the house
  • 5-11kg in weight, he's quite a small breed, light on shopping bills
  • Bostons love the camera. We'd happily have one here at Animal Outfitters to share Rio's modelling duties!

The Bad

boston portrait
  • The Boston's natural thermostat isn't great and he struggles to regulate his body temperature. Be wary exposing him to extreme temperatures
  • His big googly eyes are adorable, however these can bring problems such as cataracts and glaucoma
  • Being the sociable dog that he is, separation anxiety can be a problem if left alone for long periods
  • Watch out for small-man syndrome, a behavioural issue where dogs become authoritative and dominant, believing they are man of the house
  • Don't underestimate how smart your Boston Terrier is. This can make them stubborn at times so persevere during the training process

The Ugly

boston terrier farting
  • His sensitive digestive system renders him rather flatulent. On a bad day, his Boston Clouds have reportedly stripped paint (some owners of course might see this an "opportunity" for mistaken identity.)
  • While his short snout gives him oodles of character, the downside is he snores like your Grandad. Think carefully before inviting him to sleep on your bed

All up we think they are fabulous. If you're after a canine bundle of fun that's quirky and smart, then a Boston Terrier could fit nicely. Just remember a peg for your nose too!

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