Getting carried away - a guide to dog carriers

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Sometimes we all need a little lift in our lives and your small pet is no different. There are many situations where you might need to keep them elevated off the ground, for your sake and theirs. So why would you buy a dog carrier bag or sling?

  • dog sling carrier nougat 240Safety: the hustle bustle of outdoor life can be very intimidating for a small dog, especially if they’re the anxious type. A dog carrier bag is a great way to provide reassurance and a sense of security for your dog. The design of a pet sling is particularly comforting as it sits across your chest keeping your dog extra close. dog sling carrier nougat 240
  • Protection: sadly there’s the real and present danger of aggressive dogs out of control that pose a threat to your little one.
  • Puppy socialisation: Dog slings and dog carriers give you the opportunity to take your puppy out in public and get them used to the world around them, all the while being kept safe and secure.  If your puppy hasn't finished their immunizations a dog carrier enables you to take them out, but keep them off the ground.  
  • Health: pets need time to recover from illness and injury. A dog carrier provides them with necessary shelter and support during their rehab, helping you get them outside for exercise and toilet duties.
  • Multi-tasking: what with shopping bags, coffees, mobile phones, kids, etc, sometimes you’ve literally got too much on your hands. A  dog carrier with shoulder straps, or a sling gives you that much needed hands-free capacity.
  • Warmth: many pet carriers will have a snuggly plush inner lining which can help keep you little one warm on a cold day - particularly for very small breeds that feel the cold.  
  • Transport: a pet carrier makes transporting your dog a breeze, whether in your car or on public transport. If you're considering taking your dog on a plane there are very specific requirements - for more information read our earlier blog post about taking your dog on a domestic flight.

What should you look for when buying a dog carrier?

With many pet carriers on the market, and something for all tastes and budgets, where do you start? To help you choose we think there are some important considerations to help you make a good investment:

country dog carrier side

tick 20Quality: Goes without saying. If you’re going to entrust your precious pup with a carrier it must not let you down, so don’t scrimp. Make sure it’s made by a reputable brand from quality materials that will endure. Look for re-inforced stitching, and guidelines on maximum carry weight.

tick 20Ventilation: Ensure there is adequate ventilation so your pet remains comfortable. Mesh panels promote good air circulation, and also provide your inquisitive dog with a window to the outside world.

tick 20Safety: Look for extra features such as integrated carabiner clips. You can clip your pet’s collar against the carabiner, an excellent idea if your dog is a wannabe escapologist!

tick 20Sleep options: Carriers with side-access panels are a smart idea if you plan on taking your pet somewhere overnight. Roll up the panel and your pet will be able to go in and out, and sleep when they dog carrier side

tick 20Washable:  A carrier will get grubby over time and there might be the odd wee accident. Choose a carrier that's easy-to-clean so it lasts longer and smells nicer.

tick 20Strap v Handles: You might prefer a shoulder strap, or handles. Some pet carriers have both. It's good to think how you will use it and decide the style that works best.

tick 20Accessories: Bonus features like storage pockets, and matching poop bag holders will all make life with your dog a little easier.

At Animal Outfitters we offer a range of excellent carriers and slings. Choose the right one and it will make your dog feel like royalty, and make a stylish addition to your bag collection. Because you can never have too many!

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