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Welcome to our online store. We offer a range of elegant pet accessories to owners who believe their pets deserve to look the part, and want to spoil them a little. After all, if we can choose designer gear for ourselves, then why not our pets too?

A bit about us


Animal Outfitters is a team of three. Lillian (a marketing professional), Michael (a finance professional) and last but not least Rio (a canine professional). Lillian and Michael have lived overseas for a long spell, gaining valuable commercial experience as a marketing director and chartered accountant respectively. Both love to travel and experience the great outdoors.

Rio is a Miniature Schnauzer, bursting with character and attitude, and he is our brand ambassador and supermodel. Born in the UK he has done his fair share of travel too. He loves New Zealand's wonderful outdoor life and couldn't be happier here if his bowl was full of chicken and cheese every night. Which it isn't, since he has important modelling responsibilities to fulfil. You'll see his cheeky face popping up in various places on the website.

A bit about our goals

tailorWe set up the business from a desire to design and create a range of beautiful pet products that look fantastic, and are different to what is typically available in the New Zealand market. We've addressed this by designing most of our products from scratch, working with a wider range of materials. It is for this reason we've steered away from simply wholesaling other companies' products.

Take a look at our pet beds, for example. Made from upholstery-grade fabrics they look great in any stylish home, offering superior support and comfort for your pet. Many of our collars and leashes use leather, one of our favourite materials. It's both strong and supple, and looks and smells beautiful. Cow, sheep, or buffalo leather provides a great choice. And then there's Biothane, our vote for the best waterproof collar available. 

A bit about the future

rio smile

We're really enjoying Animal Outfitters, and look forward to releasing more products soon. Our plans include a range of pet clothing to cover all seasons. It's fun to be developing new products and working with people as passionate about their pets as we are. Plus we get to spend more time with Rio, so he's pretty contented too.

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