Bone Dry Dog Robes

charcoal towelling robe 420

The perfect dog drying coat

Whether your dog loves a swim or hates a bath, our Bone Dry robes will dry them quickly, keep them warm and reduce stinky wet dog smell. Designed and made here in New Zealand from high-grade cotton towelling, the dog robes are super absorbent and serve as excellent drying coats. And they're a doddle to put on too.

Our dog robes have been presented to Ellen De Generes' dogs, and featured in Avenues magazine (Jul-16).

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USD $ 44.23 (NZD $ 60.00) each Dog robe (navy blue) View
USD $ 44.23 (NZD $ 60.00) each Dog robe (cranberry) View
USD $ 44.23 (NZD $ 60.00) each Dog robe (charcoal grey) View
USD $ 44.23USD $ 33.17 (NZD $ 45.00) each Dog robe (chocolate) View
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