dog robes drying coats

Bone Dry Dog Robes

The perfect dog drying coat

dog robes drying coats

Whether your dog loves a swim or hates a bath, our Bone Dry dog robes dry them quickly, keep them warm and reduce wet dog smell. Handmade in New Zealand from 530gsm premium-grade 100% cotton toweling, our dog robes are highly absorbent drying coats that will go the distance. They're machine washable, a doddle to put on, and with a large size measuring 77cm bigger dogs can have one too.

This best-selling product was presented to Ellen De Generes' dogs and featured in Avenues magazine. We're confident you'll love our dog robes and find them an essential accessory for wrangling your wet dog. Read some of the rave customer reviews if you need a second opinion.

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USD $45.49 (NZD $62.61) each Dog robe (charcoal) View
USD $45.49 (NZD $62.61) each Dog robe (navy) View
USD $45.49 (NZD $62.61) each Dog robe (cranberry) View
USD $45.49USD $36.39 (NZD $50.09) each Dog robe (chocolate) View
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