dog robe fleece credit

Fleece Dog Robes

Warmth without weight

dog robe fleece credit

Our Hound Gowns are part jumper, part pyjama, part dressing gown all rolled into one soft snuggly bundle. Handmade in New Zealand from polar fleece, they give your dog warmth and softness without the bulk of heavier garments.

Perfect for lounging around or sleeping in, these robes are so comfy your loved one won't want to take it off!

USD $43.60 (NZD $60.00) each Hound Gown (grey marl) View
USD $43.60 (NZD $60.00) each Hound Gown (dusky pink) View
USD $43.60 (NZD $60.00) each Hound Gown (admiral blue) View
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