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The Freestyle Brown Training Slip Collar Lead is the perfect leash and collar combination for dog training. Simply slip the collar loop over your dog’s head for instant tethering. A clever feature of this leash is the adjustable stop ring and slide to prevent the leash from being too tight or loose – critical for the welfare and safety of your dog, unlike many basic slip leads that can choke your dog.

Made from a soft polyamide brown nylon rope with polyamide core and finished with leather trim, this slip lead is tear resistant but also gentle on your dog’s neck. Designed and manufactured by German brand Hunter, they’re finished to an exceptional standard.

  • Training collar individually adjustable with stop ring and slide
  • Hard-wearing and weather-proof
  • Leather trim
  • Two sizes available

The smaller size is suitable for puppies and smaller breeds.

Composition, care & origin

Soft polyamide-nylon with polyamide core.
Leather trim.

Made in China.

120 x 0.8cm (smaller breeds / puppies).
170 X 1.0cm.

Leash size

120 x 0.8cm, 170 x 1.0cm

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