Dog grooming products

Natural ingredients, luscious fragrances

The Pampered Pooch collection offers you a lovely range of dog grooming products including shampoos, refreshing spritzers, detangling serum and paw balms. All items are made here in New Zealand from an abundance of natural ingredients without any nasty chemicals. The range is carefully ph-balanced to help keep your dog's coat and skin in tip top condition.

The elegant fragrances will endure for up to a week so even if your dog hates bath-time...well, at least you get some benefit!

tickProducts DO contain natural extracts such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Calendula which nourish and protect your pet's skin and coat.
crossProducts DO NOT contain ingredients which could harm or irritate your dog e.g. parabens, silicons, artificial colours, phenoxyethanol, sodium/ammonium lauryl sulfate.
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