buy dog grooming shampoo flea nz

Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

Pampered Pooch. Natural ingredients, no nasties.

buy dog grooming shampoo flea nz

Pampered Pooch luxury grooming products are made in New Zealand from natural extracts with no nasty chemicals, perfectly ph-balanced for your dog's well-being. Products are made using premium ingredients and tested on humans, not animals.

The range of shampoos and refreshing spritzers come in three gorgeous fragrances - Green Tea, Rosehip, and Olive Leaf. Each designed to complement your dog's natural musk, boy or girl. There's an Aloe Vera option too, formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. Paw balm and detangling serum provide ideal solutions for dry, cracked paws and matted fur.

USD $17.09 (NZD $26.09) each Deep Cleansing Shampoo View
USD $17.09 (NZD $26.09) each Sensitive Dog Shampoo View
USD $17.09 (NZD $26.09) each Deep Cleansing Spritzer View
USD $17.09 (NZD $26.09) each Sensitive Refreshing Spritzer View
USD $12.53 (NZD $19.13) each Intensive Detangling Dog Serum View
USD $11.39 (NZD $17.39) each Nourishing Paw Balm View
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