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Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

Natural Dog Grooming Products

Want to remove that doggy whiff? Need to make brushing a breeze? Tackling painful hot spots or cracked paws? Then look no further than our range of shampoos, deodorising spritzers, detanglers and balms that cover all dog grooming bases.

Naturally, our selection of luxury dog grooming shampoos, conditioners and balms are made in New Zealand and include premium natural ingredients so your dog can look and smell their best.

USD $18.84 (NZD $30.43) each Shampoo (Manuka Honey & Orange) View
USD $18.84 (NZD $30.43) each Moisture Balm (Mint/Mandarin) View
USD $10.77 (NZD $17.39) each Olive Leaf gift pack View
USD $16.15 (NZD $26.09) each Deep Cleansing Shampoo View
USD $16.15 (NZD $26.09) each Sensitive Dog Shampoo View
USD $16.15 (NZD $26.09) each Deep Cleansing Spritzer View
USD $16.15 (NZD $26.09) each Sensitive Refreshing Spritzer View
USD $11.84 (NZD $19.13) each Intensive Detangling Dog Serum View
USD $10.77 (NZD $17.39) each Nourishing Paw Balm View

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