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We are Lillian, Michael, and Rio the miniature schnauzer.

Rio is both supermodel and director of operations; he loves his job. He writes the odd blog post (he dictates, we type!) and being a schnauzer has an opinion on most things.

Like you, we love to spoil our pet and make him feel special. We wanted high quality pet accessories that were functional and stylish. Too much to ask? Apparently. So we decided to design our own instead, and in 2014 Animal Outfitters was born.

Why choose Animal Outfitters?

  • Pets Come First: the comfort and safety of your pet underpins our design philosophy and what we do. Products are designed to look good and age well.
  • Born and Bred in New Zealand: our own brand products are designed and made in NZ wherever viable, directly supporting local Kiwi businesses.
  • Small Production Runs: give you access to unique exclusive products so your pet can stand out from the crowd.
  • Personalised Service: we recognise great customer service and promise to help you with whatever support you need.
  • Inspired: our own pet is a source of design inspiration, along with ideas from our fans. Please get in touch if you have an idea, we'd like to hear from you.
  • Featured: our products have been featured across leading media including Kia Ora (Air New Zealand in-flight magazine), Nadia magazine, Woman's Day magazine, The Avenues magazine, and presented to Ellen De Generes and her dogs. The business was featured across Fairfax media in Nov-16, and on Re:News in Jun-19.

We love our dog and what we do. Animal Outfitters is our way of sharing a piece of that with you and your pet.

Our story on Re:News
TVNZ's digital news platform (Jun-19)

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