Leather benefits and care considerations

leather worker cropLeather's texture and beauty has long been sought after and its many advantages make it a great choice for pet accessories.

  • Longevity - Leather outlasts fabric and improves with age.
  • Durability - Leather is resilient and strong.
  • Breathability - Natural leather breathes and ventilates. Consider how a leather watch-strap feels compared to a PU/plastic equivalent.
  • Elegance - Its natural surface features pay testament to its authenticity. Variations across a hide in grain, creases and fold are distinctive characteristics, like the grain of wood.
  • Ease of maintenance - Thanks to its natural qualities and the preservative effect of tanning leather requires minimal maintenance to keep it supple and comfortable for your pet.

Important considerations when ordering leather products:

  • Variations across the hide in grain and tone may be evident on leather products due to its natural surface.
  • Water and leather get on like cat and dog. Excessive water exposure will degrade leather's natural oils and appearance, especially saltwater. Occasional exposure is ok but if your dog swims we recommend you remove their collar. If the collar gets wet, remove and wipe clean, then dry away from heat to avoid cracking. Better still, choose a waterproof material like Biothane.
  • Bright coloured leathers are painted. We searched everywhere for pink and blue cows but couldn't find any! Paint fades over time, even quicker when exposed to water. No leather is 100% colourfast and leather can bleed slightly after getting very wet - if this occurs remove the collar and let it dry naturally.
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