Our materials

The quality of our products can only be as good as the ingredients used. We strive for:

  • High quality: we've met our suppliers and are satisfied their commitment to quality matches our own. This faith is supported by our money back guarantee.
  • Reliability: products are tested prior to launch. Our own dog Rio plays crash test dummy when he's not eating.
  • Practicality: we want our textiles to age well. Much of our range can be machine-washed, extending lifespan.
  • Variety: we aim to offer products and materials different to the high street.

Different materials suit different scenarios. When choosing a product consider factors such as the size and strength of your pet, and preferred texture and finish of your product. If your pet likes to swim, for example, pick a waterproof option like Biothane®. Learn more about the materials used below:


Leather's luxurious texture and aroma has long been sought after. It's many advantages that make it well suited to pet accessories include:

  • Longevity: properly cared for, leather outlasts fabric and improves with age
  • Durability: leather is resilient and strong. It's been used in the equestrian field for centuries for good reason
  • Breathability: natural leather breathes and ventilates. Think how much nicer a leather watch-strap feels compared to its PU or plastic equivalent
  • Style & Elegance: leather's natural surface features pay testament to its authenticity - variations across a hide in grain, creases and fold are distinctive characteristics, just like the grain of wood
  • Ease of maintenance: due to natural qualities and the preservative effect of the tanning process, leather requires minimal maintenance to keep it supple, clean, and comfortable for your pet

Before ordering leather products note the following:

1. Due to leather's natural surface, slight variations across the hide in grain, tone and fold are normal and may be evident on leather products

2. Water and leather get on like cat and dog. Water will degrade leather's natural oils and appearance over time. Occasional exposure is ok, but if your dog swims regularly we recommend you remove their collar first. If that's impractical remove it afterwards, wipe clean, and dry the item away from heat to avoid cracking. Alternatively choose a waterproof material like Biothane®.

3. Our brighter coloured leathers are painted. The paint can fade with time, accelerated when exposed to water. No leather is 100% colourfast and there is a chance the leather will bleed slightly after getting very wet - if this happens, remove the collar and allow it to dry naturally.

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Biothane® is a polyester webbing with a protective polymer coating. Its roots are in the equestrian industry and so strength, durability and appearance were central to its design. These qualities make it a great choice for all dogs, especially those who sometimes think they are dolphins.

  • It is fully waterproof
  • It has a look and feel very similar to leather
  • It rinses clean in seconds
  • It will not mould or mildew
  • It will not absorb odours
  • It is lightweight, yet strong

All Biothane® products come with a certificate of authenticity from the USA.

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Merino speaks for itself, it's a pedigree fabric. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Natural elasticity: garments keep their shape
  • Temperature regulation: it keeps you and your pet warm when the climate is cold yet releases body heat and moisture when it's hot
  • Odour resistance: let's face it, pets don't always smell of roses
  • Easy care / stain resistant: Merino stays cleaner for longer and is easy to wash. Unlike synthetic fibre, merino has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains being absorbed
  • Soft: provides supreme comfort next to skin

It's a perfect fabric to use for our dog jumpers.


Cotton leashCotton is a natural fiber that originates from the seed pod of the cotton plant. Its benefits include:

  • Breathability: cotton is often first choice during summer months as its inherent breathable quality makes it cooler to wear
  • Durability: you can repeatedly wash it and it will maintain its strong appearance
  • Environmentally sound:cotton is a renewable resource, meaning farmers can plant and replant cotton crops each year. Cotton is also biodegradable
  • Soft: everyone likes the feeling of soft material on their skin, including your pets

Brass & stainless steel

Hardware is the term used to describe buckles, pins and D-rings on collars, and clasps on leashes. Most of our collars and leashes enjoy brass or stainless steel hardware.

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is revered for its distinguished gold-like finish. It is rust-resistant, and strong enough to withstand the challenges of big dogs. Over time, we suggest you give the brass fittings a quick polish to help maintain their lustre.the Madison

Stainless steel
The benefits of this alloy include its strength, and resistance to corrosion from air and water - very handy in NZ. Its bright, easily maintained surface provides a modern attractive appearance that will always look smart on your pet.the Ruapehu

Brass - An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is revered for its distinguished gold-like finish. It is rust-resistant, and strong enough to withstand the challenges of big dogs.

Stainless steel - Strong and resistant to corrosion from air and water. Its bright, easily maintained surface provides a modern attractive appearance that will always look smart on your pet.


Our pet bed fillings allow you to select Dunlop-manufactured foam chips which provide excellent and consistent support for your pets, avoiding that sinking feeling. Due to the density of the foam it will maintain its loft over time unlike most pet bedding (made of poly-fill / fibre-fill) which tends to sag.

Providing a firm, well-padded bed is a recommended strategy in helping avoid and alleviate hip dysplasia suffered by pets.

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