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Before placing an order follow these simple steps and get the right fit first time round. This will save you unnecessary hassle and return postage costs.

All measurements shown in cm. (Use this tool to convert inches to cms if required.)



1. Place a tape measure around the thickest part of your pet's neck, as shown in the diagram. Then insert a couple of fingers to allow for a comfortable, snug fit. Record the measurement. (The collar should not be so tight that it will cause discomfort, nor so loose that it will slip over the head.)

2. The fit range shown on our product pages is the measurement from the end of the collar excluding the buckle to the first hole (B) and the last hole (A). These measurements are illustrated below:collar size guide new

3. Select the correct size based on your measurement of your dog's neck circumference in step 1 above. (Measuring your pet's current collar from buckle to hole used will provide a decent guide to size required.)

Please note, we stock dog collars from both our range and other brands too so sizes can vary from collar to collar. Relevant sizings are shown on each specific product page under the "Size Guide" tab. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Leash measurements shown on product pages represent the length from the top of the handle to the end of the clasp. The handle normally represents approx 20-25cm of this figure.


To obtain the correct fit for your harness measure your dog's torso. Refer to our illustration under dog coats below if you need a guide to measuring the torso. All harnesses from our range are adjustable using the harness chest straps to ensure a snug fit.

Coats & Jumpers

dog coat measurement guide 750For our coats and jumpers, refer to the illustration and follow these simple steps to get the correct size:

1. Take one dog and one tape measure.
2. Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This will be the back measurement.
3. Take the torso measurement from around the thickest part of the chest..
4. Record the neck circumference.

Using these measurements select the correct coat size from the dimensions shown under the "size guide" tab for the relevant product you're interested in. The torso measurement is the critical dimension for ensuring you select the best coat size. For further information read our related blog post. Your dog's comfort is very important when selecting a dog coat so please make sure you carefully take these measurements and contact us if you have any questions.

Dog Robes

Size (cm)  Petite  Small  Medium  Large
Suggested max. back length * 35 47 60 73
Length of robe 41 52 64 77
Torso circumference  35 +  45 +  55 +  65 +
Size  Back length* Robe length Torso
P  35  41  35 +
 47  52  45 + 
 60  64  55 + 
L  73  77  65 + 

* The robes are designed to be a loose fit, draping beyond your dog's back legs so you can give them a rub down. Though this of course is down to personal taste. If unsure, please contact us.


Our bandanas are transferable between different collars by sliding your collar through the back. Sizes are made consistent with our collars. For small collars, two widths are available.

Size Petite Small - narrow Small - wide Medium Large
Length (cm)*  18 22 22 26 30
Width (cm) **  2.3 2.3 3.6 3.8 4.3
 Size Length cm*  Width cm** 
P 18 2.3
S-narrow 22  2.3 
S-wide 22  3.6 
26  3.8 
30  4.3 

* Length shown is length of bandana across the neck

** Width shown is maximum collar width that can fit through bandana. your social media marketing partner
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