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Before placing an order follow our size guide and get the right fit first time round. All measurements shown in cm (inches to cms converter)


On every collar product page you will see a size guide beneath the product description. An example is shown below:

Size 50 60 70
Fit range (cm) 39-47 47-55 57-65
Width (cm) 1.2 1.5 1.8

Fit Range : the distance from the start of the collar to the first and last hole, illustrated below.

Width : the width the collar will be against your dog’s neck. Consider your preference for thin v standard v bulky.

To measure your dog's neck place a tape measure around the neck about midway down, and insert 1-2 fingers for breathing space. The fit should be snug, but not constrictive. Record the measurement, find the corresponding fit range it falls between, and select this size.

collarsize 500

Other tips

  • Between sizes? We recommend the next size up
  • If your dog is still growing choose a size where you can let the collar out by at least one hole
  • Measuring your dog's current collar from buckle to hole used can be a useful guide to the size you require

Watch our two minute video:

Coats & Jumpers

dog coat measurement guide 475Applicable to coats and jumpers:

  1. Take one dog and one Tape measure.
  2. Measure around the thickest part of the chest. This is the Torso measurement, an important consideration for the comfort of your dog.
  3. Measure from base of neck to base of tail. This is the Back measurement.
  4. Compare these measurements with those shown under the Size Guide tab for the product you like. Select the required size.

Watch how to measure your dog in under three minutes:

  • Since our coats and jumpers are hand-cut and sewn there can be a variation of 1-2cm against dimensions shown above
  • Where your dog is between sizes we recommend the next size up


Leash measurements shown on product pages represent the length from the top of the handle to the end of the clasp. The handle normally represents approx 20-25cm of this figure.


To obtain the correct fit for your harness measure your dog's torso. Refer to our illustration under dog coats if you need a guide to measuring the torso.

Dog Robes

Size (cm)  Small  Medium  Large
Robe length 50 63 75
Torso circumference 45 + 55 + 65 +
Maximum neck opening 38  48 58
  Robe length Torso   Max neck opening 
Small   50  45 +   38
Medium  63  55 +   48
Large  75  65 +   58

Robes are designed to be a loose fit, draping over your dog's hind legs so you can give them a rub down if desired. Though this is down to personal taste, of course.
For help with sizing please contact us.

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